I am continuing to read books related to mothering this year. To me, one aspect of mothering is hospitality and being welcoming. I’m reading the book The Gathering Table which is full of recipes and stories of family connection. I may talk about it again in more detail when I finish, but one part has stood out so far. It says: 

“My favorite author, Anne Ortlund, writes, ‘There are two kinds of personalities in this world, and you are one of the two. People can tell which, as soon as you walk into a room: your attitude says either ‘Here I am’ or ‘There you are.’ ” Oh, how I want to be a “there you are” person. It truly sets the stage for considering others above ourselves.” 

I love that phrase! What does it look like to be a “there you are” person? It can be things like remembering birthdays, asking about something a friend shared previously, asking good questions of others, not being the center of attention, initiating things that other people will enjoy, and so much more. 

After people have been with me, I never want them to leave feeling like “boy she talked a lot” or “there was no space for me to share my feelings”.

I feel like part of my mission is life is to make people feel special. That’s why I love doing things like sending texts and cards, giving gifts, and showing up for people and their special events.

I’m learning to let people show up for me like that too. Recently, I had told a couple of friends about an important thing coming up on my schedule. It touched me so much that they reached out via text that day to encourage me. I’m getting better about accepting help and care. My “there you are” people are the best!

God, help us to be “there you are” kind of people. Give the us time, tools, and attention to serve the others around us in love. 

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