My friend Kendra got me started on having a word of the year. I’ve only done it a few times, but it’s been really helpful to have a word to focus on and pursue.  This year mine was the phrase fearless flourishing. One of the by products of that pursuit is this blog. It’s helped me chase a dream and grow more reflective and intentional with what God is teaching me.

I am not sure what my word for 2019 will be, but one word that’s popped up a lot for me at the end of this year has been abide. It first popped out to me while listening to Sing Scripture. The CD I have has John 15 as one of the songs. I’ve been listening to it a lot so it’s been in my brain.

I was reading a plan on You Version called “Live Brilliantly.” One of the days is all about abiding. It pointed out that John used the word “abide” 10 times in chapter fifteen, 27 times in his epistles, and 40 times in his gospel. The definition given was “to remain stable or fixed in a state.”

I abide when I remain in a permanent state of trusting in God and resting on his strength, love, and promises.

It means I…

Allow God to be my ultimate source of comfort

Believe that he is for me at all times even when it feels like tough love

Identify how God has been faithful

Don’t run around trying to “fix” things by myself

Enjoy being in his presence

I’m not always great at abiding, but when I am, I feel at peace and my soul is healthy and at rest.


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