This weekend I went to Austin to visit my best friend. We’ve known each other since we were 17. She started as someone who I knew from afar and always wanted to get to know better. We became really close after college and have continued to get closer and closer though geographically we have gotten farther. She moved to Austin her family a little short of three years ago. I have gotten to visit her out there once a year. This was lucky number 3, and it was AMAZING!

It almost didn’t even happens, but I went out on a limb. Kendra mentioned that  one of her favorite podcasters was hosting a women’s event in October. She didn’t know who to ask to go with her. I mentally debated and wondered if my question would be weird or even possible, but I asked it anyway. I asked if I could come visit then and go with her. I was so excited when said yes. So I took a day off work and visited Friday through Sunday.

I read Annie’s new book, Remember God, on the plane. I meant to read some and savor the rest, but I couldn’t stop until I was done. I had to pause a few times so I didn’t cry on the plane. I will talk about that book soon.

Back to Kendra, We did a lot of fun things with her three year old and other things with both her son and husband. They are so fun to visit and are great at hosting. I got to each at three cool places, go to a park, play hide and seek, color, get a mummy stamp her son wanted me to wear home, and play lots of chase down their long hall. Kendra and I also got lots of time to chat.

The big event was on Saturday night. It was called The Happy Hour Live. It’s an event from Jamie Ivey’s podcast. I haven’t listened to that yet, but her guest Annie F. Downs hosts the only podcast I currently listen to. I am not a fan girl type, but I really love all her products- books, videos, podcast, and Instagram. The other guest was Chrystal Evans Hurst. They had an hour or so long conversation. The first part was so funny. It popped all over and made us laugh. At one point Jamie and Chrystal who are married talked about using natural deodorant. They asked Annie, and she was like no I am trying to GET married.  (The natural kind smells weird.) The second part serious and encouraging. Chrystal talked about the loss of her family member who as supposed to be the second guest. She said it’s hard and they don’t understand, but God has given her family the softest landing possible. Another they said was that they never tire of hearing from people if their words made an impact.

We got a chance to meet all three. I don’t know the other two, but I did get a hug, a picture, and a hi. I talked more to Annie since I “know” her. I told her how her podcast inspires me, how I relate to her singleness, and how one episode prompted me to start a blog to share what I am learning. That was a fun interaction. She is such a fun and real person, and a little shorter than I pictured. She signed my book too. (I never usually get autographs.)  The whole thing was great. If you get a chance, go! We also got a cool swag bag.

This morning I opened up my Bible app and it was randomly in Galatians. It wa 6:6 that hit me. Here it is.

I was so glad I had been brave enough to share with Annie that night. Coincidentally brave was my word of the year last year and how I found Annie. I found a video series of hers on Right Now Media that went with Let’s All Be Brave. Then from there I got 100 Days to Brave and started listening to her podcast.

I feel like I haven’t even conveyed how good it was, but it was such a great weekend!

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